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There are several reasons why choosing spray foam insulation over other products is advantageous when you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your home. It helps to reduce your energy consumption, protects against moisture that can lead to premature wear and tear on the structure, and it uses fewer materials to create the product in the first place. You must hire an expert who is familiar with this product to maximize the potential of these advantages, but it is an effort that is worth considering because of what this insulation option provides.

When properly installed at 2 inches per pass, 2LB polyurethane spray foam will last for decades in pristine condition as long as it is covered up, and not exposed to continuous moisture. The 2 big enemies of spray foam are UV damage (exposure to sunlight) and water damage (usually due to flooding or ongoing contact with water.)

In order to make your spray foam installation last longer, DO NOT leave it exposed to sunlight or rain/snow contact, or expect the foam to seal up areas of major water leakage.


This insulation product expands quickly into the various cracks and holes that are in your crawl spaces, attic and walls. These leaks are usually one of the most significant costs that homeowners face because it increases the amount of energy loss that occurs. This product is 24 times less permeable to air movement when compare to other forms of insulation, which means your house stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It can go almost anywhere to offer this advantage as well.

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